Raise funds and promote effective head lice management!

Let’s face it, head lice can be a nightmare for schools.  Whilst they do not pose any great health risk they are a source of frustration, anxiety and fear in many school communities.  The negative social stigma associated with head lice makes it a highly emotive issue and the task of promoting effective head lice management that much harder.

KnockOut Nits is dedicated to providing reliable, up-to-date information whilst also busting the stigma and stress associated with head lice.

Parents need to know:

  • how to do effective, thorough weekly head checks;
  • how to test the efficacy of treatment products and what to do when treatments fail;
  • that re-occurrence of head lice infestation every few weeks could indicate treatment failure rather than failure of the school and/or other parents to act;
  • where to find encouragement and support to deal with head lice in a calm, mindful manner.

Via our website, Facebook page and Twitter account we provide this information, encouragement and support in a clear and engaging way.  We do not sell or promote treatment products.  At KnockOut Nits we focus on providing sensible, reliable information and busting stress and stigma.  We fund our activities through the sale of a high quality head lice comb.

Promoting weekly home head checks is an excellent, proactive policy stance for any school when it comes to head lice management.

Your school can promote weekly head checks and raise funds with our Head Lice Comb Packs.  A pack of 10 combs costs $95.00, including postage anywhere in Australia.  You decide your fundraising margin by pricing the combs up to $12.95 (r.r.p.).  A sale price of $12.95 reaps a fundraising profit of $34.50 per box.

Having a box on display in your reception area is a reminder to everyone of the importance of weekly head checks.   You can also promote the combs via your uniform shop, booklists and school newsletter.

Box of 10 combs $95.00 (inlcuding postage anywhere in Australia)


Fundraising Head Lice Combs

Head Lice Comb Fundraising Pack