KnockOut Nits Head Lice Comb

At KnockOut Nits we do not sell or promote treatment products.  We focus on providing sensible, reliable information and busting the stress and stigma surrounding head lice.  We fund our activities through the sale of a high quality head lice comb.  No matter which treatment options parents choose the one essential tool required is a good quality comb.  It is an important tool during the treatment process, but also long term for regular head checks to ensure any further infestations are detected and dealt with quickly.

The Knock Out Nits Head Lice Comb features high tensile stainless steel pins with optimum and consistent spacing for effective removal of head lice and their eggs. The pins (teeth) on plastic combs can spread and flex as they move through the hair, making them ineffective for removing eggs and nits. Inconsistent pin gaps in inferior quality combs can make combing painful and ineffective as eggs and newly hatched lice (nymphs) are left behind.  Our comb is manufactured in Scotland.


Superior Quality Head Lice Comb

R.R.P. $12.95        Manufactured in Scotland.