KnockOut Nits is the latest head lice management and awareness campaign by mother of three, Denise Smith.

In 1999 Denise set up NitWits Network Australia, featuring a website, newsletter, quality comb (imported from Scotland) and a school show featuring Lucy Longhair, Larry Louse and the Niggly Nits!

The Victorian Health Department borrowed Larry Louse to help promote their “Scratching for Answers” program launch in 2001.

“My motivation has always been to reduce the stigma surrounding head lice and provide parents and school communities with reliable information.”

In 2005 Denise commenced university studies and had to put NitWits on hold.  A few years later Denise’s daughter started a part-time job at a leading pharmacy chain.  She would often come home and tell her mum how sorry she felt for parents who came in upset and stressed about head lice.

“I had really, really enjoyed running NitWits, my studies were complete, I just knew it was time to take up the cause again.”

The NitWits name was no longer available, having been snapped up by a major commercial organisation, so Denise developed KnockOut Nits.  The logo depicts an empowered mum, as Denise believes that knowledge is power when it comes to dealing with head lice.

Denise has never marketed treatment products, only a superior quality metal tooth comb.

“I think there are a lot of products out there making a lot of claims, and I used many of them myself in the early days.  I don’t want to tell people which treatment methods they should use, but provide reliable information so people can make an informed choice and get the best result.  At the end of the day all treatment options involve combing, that’s why I offer a quality comb.”

Denise currently works for a large community services agency as a Group Worker delivering parenting education programs such as Tuning Into Kids and First Steps.